Personal Counseling

Personal and Academic Counseling 

A-B Tech provides free, confidential counseling and related services for students located in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center. Students are encouraged to use counseling services at any time if they have personal, academic, or career concerns. The professional counseling staff, after initial assessment, will refer students who need specialized or long-term services to appropriate resources within the community.

For a Personal Counseling appointment please contact one of the following counselors:

  • Marc McKinnis (828) 398-7217
  • Nikki Calloway (828) 398-7586
  • Peggy Bulla (828) 398-7209
  • Judith Harris (828) 398-7141
  • Rebecca Howell (828) 398-7441

Career counseling and career exploration services are available to students who are undecided or confused about career plans. To schedule an appointment online, please refer to the section on Career Counseling.

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