Academic Counseling

Students who are experiencing academic difficulty are invited to meet with an advisor in Student Advising and Support Services located in the K. Ray Bailey building. Students are strongly encouraged to seek assistance as soon as they recognize there is a problem.

Students who cannot successfully complete a course are to get a Withdrawal form at the Expresss Lane in the Bailey Building.  Please be aware that official withdrawal dates are listed in the Student Handbook and Calendar, and online under Calendar.

For Academic Advising, please call one of our advisors:

  • Tracy Radford at (828) 398 -7164
  • Nikki Calloway at (828) 398 - 7586
  • Marc McKinnis at (828) 398 - 7217
  • Murphie Culpepper at (828) 398 - 7186
  • Sarah Zetterhom at (828) 398-7592
  • Shanna Hough at (828) 398-7587


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