Who's Eligible and How to Sign Up for Services


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Career Counseling is offered in the Bailey building on Asheville's campus at no charge.

  Who's Eligible for Services:

1) current curriculum students OR

2) those who have applied to the College as a curriculum student AND

                                    * taken the placement test and/or submitted transcripts AND

                                    * completed the New Student Orientation AND

                                    * plan to enroll in the upcoming semester


For non-curriculum students and other members of our community seeking career services, please contact A-B Tech Job Club Employability Lab or the Asheville Career Center located in Asheville at 251-6200.  Madison County residents can contact the Madison Career Center in the Ramsey building at 649-2577.

All job seekers may select JOB BOARD for information about JOB BOARD.


book for service details and to reserve your session. 


Questions?   Contact a career counselor at (828) 398-7209 or click careerservices@abtech.edu


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