In an emergency, dial Ext. 7125.

If there is no answer, dial 9-911

Telephone Numbers for Police and Security Services

Main College: 828.398.7900

Non-Emergency: 7654

Emergency: x7125
If no answer, call 9-911


On-Duty Officer Cell Phone after hours and weekends:

Asheville Campus: 828.279.3166
Enka Site: 828.301.7150

Chief of Police & Security
Kara Keller

Assistant Chief of Police & Security
J. R. Shelton

Sergeant Donald Stout,
828-398-7163, Evening shift


Police Officers  

Security Officers

Ben Fortune

Chris Sellers

Steve Lewis

Scott Rogers

Mac Gossett

Mike Lanning

Mark Hermann

Robin Lunsford

Derek Trivett

Roger Aly

Alan Presnell

Iris Durell

Jack Meadows

Jared Lafave

Scott Early

Rachel Hall

Daniel Blagg

Dwayne Martin

Daniel Williams

Eric Penland

Joe Haney

Keith Rice

Kevin Cole

Danny Ray

Don Gaddy

Cody Smith

Jim Hedrick

Jack Benson

Richard Elingburg

Jason Wells

Rodney Ware

Anita Chambers

Ken Radford

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