Summer Tuition


Summer Tuition

 2014 Summer

 16 or more credit hours    
 NC Residents $1,144.00  
 Non -residents of NC $4,216.00  
 Fewer than 16 credit hours    
 NC students per credit hour $71.50  
 Non -residents of NC $263.00  
** For courses with the following prefixes:
 Appropriate state or non-state rates apply
 2014 Summer Self Supporting Classes **  
 All students per credit hour $95.00  
 ** All other classes that are not referenced above

Self-Supporting Classes

During the Summer term the college will offer some classes as self-supporting. There are no waivers for self-supporting classes (e.g. senior citizens and high school students must pay tuition). Students who would otherwise qualify for a tuition waiver will be blocked from registering for these classes unless they agree to pay the required charges.



 Insurance Fee  $          1.40  
 Technology Fee  $        16.00  
 **Consumable fees:    
 Some courses have consumable fees which are noted on registration statement

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