Obtaining capital can be a difficult and a time consuming part of every business start-up. The Small Business Center, Technology Commercialization Center and Business Incubator staffs work with business owners to increase their chances of funding success. Business owners can receive assistance in:

  • assessing their capital needs
  • creating a funding plan that includes different sources of capital
  • understanding the importance of timing in the capital raising process

With a funding plan in place, we then assist the client in the execution of their funding strategy by reviewing grant proposals, helping to prepare executive summaries and funding presentations and looking for opportunities to introduce clients to people involved in the capital markets. Although the Small Business Center and Business Incubator do not administer loans, grants, or investment capital; we try to make sure our clients are in a position to secure capital with a fundable business model.

For a list and description of available sources of capital for North Carolina businesses:

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