Laboratory Use & Equipment Rental


We offer affordable rates for lab space and equipment rental to our clients.  The fees listed below are intended to help guide you in your business planning.  The fees are evaluated periodically and are subject to change. 

1.     Cleaning Deposit                                                                               $100

This amount will be to pay cleaning costs for clients who leave the laboratory in an unacceptable manner. After each rental session, clients are expected to clean all spaces, materials, equipment, or other resources used during their work. Any time required by lab staff for client associated cleanup will be billed at the rate of $100/hour. Clients will be expected to maintain a $100 account balance with any surplus being refunded upon completion of the rental agreement.

2.     Security Deposit                                                                               $250

This will be applied to any costs incurred due to misuse of the laboratory.  This includes the cost to repair or replace any damaged laboratory resources. The laboratory client will pay damage caused by misuse totaling greater than $250 at the time of said repair or replacement. Clients will be expected to maintain a $250 account balance with any surplus being refunded upon completion of the rental agreement. 

3.     Laboratory Rental and Basic Supply Fees: 

        $20 per hour Incubator Tenant
        $25 per hour Partnering Tenant
        $30 per hour Local Business

This fee covers laboratory rental, basic supplies (lab coat, eye protection, gloves, Kimwipes, cleaning solutions, etc.), and their one equipment use and routine maintenance. Clients may also be subject to additional fees based upon the use of specific equipment as listed below. Clients are required to notify laboratory staff or the Operations Manager prior to use of all equipment. 

Clients are responsible for supplying all consumables (chemicals, pipettes, media plates, etc.), and any resources that will leave the lab. All BNBBC lab ware is to remain in the laboratory unless approved and recorded by laboratory staff or the Operations Manager.

4. Storage of materials:

Small spaces may be rented for short-term storage of limited amounts of materials. Pricing is dependent upon materials to be stored, duration and specific storage condition.

5. Laboratory Access:

Access to the laboratory may be denied or restricted at any time based upon misuse of the facility, safety issues, or other concerns related to the work being performed.

Clients are not allowed in the laboratory under the following conditions:

1. Laboratory is closed.
2. College is closed.
3. College is on an inclement weather schedule.
4. Client is alone in the building for any reason. Always ensure Laboratory Staff or the Operations Manager is available.

The BNBBC laboratory is available Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm most weeks.

All appointment scheduling is handled using online appointment scheduling software. All laboratory time must be scheduled 72 hours in advance. There will be no charge for cancellations with 24 hours or more notification or when inclement weather prevents access to the laboratory. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notification will be charged for the originally scheduled time.

6. Equipment use:

Equipment use fees are tiered in proportion to the laboratory rental and basic supplies fee. Use of equipment in Tier 1 is included in this fee. Use of equipment in Tier 2 is assessed at the rate of 50% of the basic rental and supply fee.


Tier 1 – Included in basic rental fee 

Analytical Balance (range 0-5g, 0-120g, 0-250g) 

Centrifuge & Microcentrifuge

Compound Microscope

Deep Water Bath


Electric Large Capacity Scale

Heated Plates – 3

Heated Stir Plate – 3

Heating Mantles – 3

Wet Ice Machine

Incubated Shaker

Millipore Ultrapure Water System

pH Meter/ Conductivity Meter



Sonicators – 4


Stir Plates – 3

UV/VIS Spectrometer – 2

Kjeldahl Micro Digester

Vortex Mixer

Water Bath

Tier 2 – 50% of basic fee per hour of use


Class II Biosafety Cabinet


Nitrogen Evaporator

Sample Mill

Steam Distillation Device

Vacuum Oven

Rotary Evaporator

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