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Native Plants in Clinical Practice Webinar Series - CEUs Available
Native plants of North America are essential to the practice of herbal medicine throughoutthe world. This six-session webinar series introduces a materia medica of these plants and places them within the energetic context of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The actions and energetic properties of forty herbs are covered in depth with an emphasis on the clinical use of herbal preparations. The material medica draws from Native American and folk traditions and includes only plants that are regionally abundant and available from sustainable sources. Topics covered include uses of the individual herbs, dosage strategies, preparations, a review of herbal products using the herbs, and clinical applications for both acute and chronic health issues.

This series qualifies for 12 biomedicine PDA points from the National Certification Commision for Acupunture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM.) Please note, registrants will only earn these PDA points if they are present at the time of the live course (recordings will still be available.)
     · Wednesdays, January 21 - February 25
     · 7 - 9 pm
     · Online, register here
     · $334

Business Formation: Choosing the Right Structure
Deciding what business entity form is best for your company is among the most critical ‘early’ decisions every entrepreneur must make.  The legal structure chosen must adequately protect the enterprise’s core intellectual property and enhance the appropriate funding structure as well as responding to taxation, regulatory and liability concerns.  This seminar will cover the different business entities and the advantages and disadvantages for choosing one type over another for the start-up biotech business.
     · Thursday, February 12
     · 6 - 8 pm
     · SBC 2046
     · Free, but please register here:

Herbal QC: Analytical Methods
Having a sound quality control (QC) system in place and meeting documentation standards for regulatory compliance can mean gaining familiarity with analytical testing. If you’ve seen the acronyms TLC, HPLC, or GC on an herbal Certificate of Analysis, but aren’t sure exactly what they mean, you aren’t alone!  In this class, we’ll go through some of the test methods commonly used to establish identity, purity, potency, and safety of botanical material.  The focus will be more on the principles and the process behind the testing rather than specific regulatory requirements.  While some of the material will be technical in nature, the class is intended for an audience of non-scientists, business owners, and consumers.
     · Tuesday, February 17
     · 6 - 8 pm
     · TCC 112
     · Fee: $21
     · Course number: SEF-9000-141BW

Bookkeeping Basics
This class will focus on getting your bookkeeping system set up correctly by discussing the chart of accounts, general administrative & selling expenses, fixed assets versus operating expenses, and options for inventory management. Participants will learn the importance of getting the bookkeeping system set up correctly and how to use their system to make comparisons to industry standards and minimize tax preparation time and expense.
     · Thursday, February 19
     · 6 - 8 pm
     · SBC 2046
     · Free, but please register here:

QuickBooks for Small Businesses: Hands-on Lab
This hands-on workshop will help you set up and customize a new company file using QuickBooks Pro 2013. This course will combine an introduction to the program as well as hand-on learning with QuickBooks.  We will have PCs setup with QuickBooks Pro 2013 for those who need them. If you have a laptop with QuickBooks (for Windows) installed and prefer to use it, please bring it to class. Please bring a USB flash drive so you can save your work.
     · Thursday, February 26
     · 6 - 9 pm
     · SBC 1040
     · Free, but please register here:

Advanced: Tinctures and Fluid Extracts
Learn to make high-potency botanical fluid extracts using percolation. Percolation a simple and efficient method for making a tincture from dried plant material in less time than it takes to make a maceration. We’ll discuss the principles and method of successful tincture percolation;  how to make percolation cones using recycled glass bottles; and perform an entire percolation from start to finish. We'll also discuss how to utilize this method to make a fluid extract, a super-concentrated 1:1 tincture.
     · Wednesdays, March 11 & 18
     · 6 - 9 pm
     · TCC 112
     · Fee: $76.40
     · Course number: SEF-9066-141BW

Production: Dyeing With Botanical Materials
Learn how to create vibrant dyes from plants! You'll learn: how to harvest and prepare dye plants; which parts of the plants are utilized for dyes; how to ethically harvest local plants at the ideal time for optimal colors; growing dye plants that best suit your garden space(s); and methods for mordanting fibers to create a multitude of colors and keep the pigments beautifully saturated in your material. Attendees will participate in dye experiments and take home samples. Please be prepared to get messy!
     · Thursday, March 12
     · 6 - 9 pm
     · TCC 112
     · Fee: $58.40
     · Course number: SEF-9065-141BW

Production: Herbal Body Care Products for Entrepreneurs
Learn how to make your own personal care products in this hands-on class. We will make several products for you to take home using safe, inexpensive, and easy to find ingredients - most are from the grocery store! Participants will also receive recipes and resources to help them evaluate the quality and safety of products on store shelves.
     · Thursday, March 19
     · 6 - 9 pm
     · TCC 112
     · Fee: $67.40
     · Course number: SEF-9056-141BW

Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) for Food, Beverage, and Natural Products
This course will provide an overview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) GMP’s that apply to food, beverage, and natural product companies.  Guidance and regulation will be presented for those that manufacture, package, or hold products in these categories.  The course will include an overview of terminology and documentation basics.  Registration includes lunch both days.
     · Monday & Tuesday, April 13 & 14
     · 9 am - 5 pm
     · TCC 112
     · Fee: $225, includes lunch both days
     · Course number: SEF-9067-141BW

To register for any of these BioNetwork at A-B Tech courses, please download this form and email completed form to Amber Baker. For other registration options, click here.
For more information contact us at 828.398.7943 or send an email.
Where noted, please follow special registration instructions.

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