Pharmacy Technology FAQ's

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  1. How do I apply? You can apply online by clicking After you apply you will need to attend a new student orientation.  To see when these are offered click
  2. What is required of me to apply to the Pharmacy Technology Program at A-B Tech? After you attend the new student orientation, you will need to go to the Bailey Building on the A-B Tech Asheville campus and see an advisor.  Here you will specify that you want to apply to the Pharmacy Technology program and take your placement tests.  If you are transferring from another school, and have your general English and Math requirements completed, please mention this to your advisor.   If you are already a student at A-B Tech and are enrolled in a different program, but want to enroll into Pharmacy Technology, simply see an advisor in the Bailey Building and indicate this to them.
  3. How much is tuition, books, supplies etc. for the Pharmacy Technology program? The Pharmacy Technology program generally does not cost any more than any other program at A-B Tech.  The tuition and fees you can expect to pay can be found at
  4. What is the difference between the diploma and the A.A.S. degree? The diploma requires 43 credit hours and those classes required can be seen at . The A.A.S. degree requires 71 credit hours and those classes required can be seen at Why would you choose one over the other?   Upon completion of the diploma a student will be able to take and achieve success on the PTCB certification exam.  The student will then be considered a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT).  Upon completion of the A.A.S. degree a student will not only take and achieve success on the PTCB certification exam, but will continue on to gain more knowledge and experience within the field of pharmacy technology.  The student, upon graduation, will be considered an Advanced Pharmacy Technician by the NCBOP. The graduate will be prepared to assume more responsibility within the pharmacy such as the Tech check Tech program, not to mention more career opportunities.
  5. What types of classes will I be taking in the Pharmacy Technician program? During the program you will experience classes that feature lectures, face to face instruction, and firsthand experience via laboratory exercises and clinicals.  Clinicals are experienced later in the program and place the student within an actual pharmacy setting under supervision of the clinical instructor and preceptors at the clinical site. 
  6. Are there night classes for pharmacy technology? If you are a currently employed Pharmacy Technician, A-B-Tech will begin offering night classes as a part-time diploma program in the Fall of 2014. Currently night classes are not being offered for those not currently employed as a pharmacy technician.  Some general education classes required for the Pharmacy Technology Program are offered at night and online. 
  7. Are there online classes for pharmacy technology? Currently online classes are not being offered for pharmacy technology due to the high content of laboratory and clinical experiences associated with our lectures classes.  We will be introducing some online offerings in the Fall of 2014 for our part-time diploma program for currently employed Pharmacy Technicians. Some general education classes required for the Pharmacy Technology Program are offered online however.
  8. What if I have already completed my general education classes at A-B Tech or another college? Great!  That means you will have a lighter semester work load and the opportunity to pursue other electives if you so choose.  If you are a returning student, you may want to check the completion date on your last computer class.  A-B Tech only accepts computer classes that were taken within the last 5 years. 
  9. If I am already a Certified Pharmacy Technician, am I exempt from any classes? Unfortunately no, you are required to complete each class.  It would be suggested that you pursue the A.A.S degree if you are currently a Certified Pharmacy Technician however.
  10. If I am currently working as a pharmacy technician, am I exempt from clinicals? Unfortunately no, you are required to complete each clinical requirement.  The clinical settings will cover a variety of settings and will provide firsthand experience in settings that may be different than that of your current workplace.  This can be frustrating but will provide the means in order to create the most well rounded pharmacy technician that will be competent in most pharmacy settings. 
  11. Can I be a part time student and still be in the Pharmacy Technology program? You can be a part-time student and still be enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program if you are a currently employed Pharmacy Technician. 
  12. If I am an uncertified pharmacy technician, why do I have to go to school in order to get certified?  I thought I could just take the test and receive certification? The PTCB has drastically changed the PTCE so simply sitting for the exam with success is not as realistic as it once was. Also, the current legislation is changing to where all pharmacy technicians must be certified in order to hold a pharmacy technician position.  This legislation coming in 2015 will also mandate that in order to become certified, you simply cannot walk in and take the PTCB exam, you must graduate from an accredited Pharmacy Technology program in order to take the exam. 
  13. If I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician, why would I pursue a degree? By law you do not have to, but why not place yourself ahead of the curve?  As an Advanced Pharmacy technician you can help bridge the gap between certified technicians and Pharmacists.  If Pharmacy Technology is your chosen profession, then become a professional and achieve the highest degree you can within the field of pharmacy technology.   You’ll also be better prepared, more marketable as an employee and leader, and of course make more money.   Pharmacy Technology has been projected to grow 42% in the next 5 years so why wouldn’t you want to be at the top of the list?
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