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This page contains links to public web resources that may help you learn to study or help you with a specific topic.

*Indicates the site is extremely versatile and useful.


Note: Wake Tech Community College's Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in Developmental Math are now available for those hoping to get through DMA more quickly.


Subject Areas

AccountingPlacement Test Practice
FormattingSpecific Writing Topics
GrammarStudy Skills
Library and ResearchVocabulary
Reference Guide: Online Degree & Education Resources 

Study Skills

*"How to Study" by Lucy MacDonald


A Student’s Guide to Serious Study Skills

*Success Skills


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Complete Writing Resources

A complete collection of writing resources where you will find the tools needed to improve your writing and editing skills, as well as doing some research.

*Writing Resource
*Rutgers University
*Harvard Writing Center
*Resource Central
*Internet Resources for Technical Communicators
National Writing Project
Writing Studio, Duke University
Colorado State University
Enhance My Writing
The Emory Writing Center
Garbl’s Writing Center
Internet Resources
EarthLink, Ms. Smith's Writing Resources
Trinity College The Allan K. Smith Center for Writing & Rhetoric
Dartmouth Writing Program
The Literary Web
4 2 Explore/writing
Center for 21st Century Teaching Excellence –USF Plagiarism Tutorial
Developmental English guide

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The following sites are very helpful in the use and research of MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual styles of formatting.

*Purdue OWL: Online Writing Lab

Princeton Writing Center
The Centre for Psychology at Athabasca University-Writing

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University of Chicago Writing Program-Grammar
Developmental English guide


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Library and Research

The following sites are useful for general research, definitions, and document structure.

A-B Tech Holly Library
*Internet Public Library
University of Miami Libraries
The University of Maine
Penn State University
M.I.T. Writing Resources
Capital Community College, Hartford CT
Artslynx International Writing Resources
Dennis G. Jerz - New Media Journalism, Seton Hill University
Storm Writing Resources
Developmental English guide

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Specific Topic Resources

The following sites are useful for specific topical research.

Scientific Writing
Vocational Information Center
Technical Writing, Steve Goddard
Encyclopedia of Psychology-Writing
Press Release Writing



Many levels of vocabulary review



Scientific Databases


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Wake Tech Community College's Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in DMA

Calculator Help
*MATH.COM-The World of Math
Cool Math: an amusement park of math and more...:
Purplemath, Help with algebra
Generate worksheets
Free mathematics software
Arithmetic multiplication practice game
Kahn Academy

Math Homework Assistance

PATH-Pupils Ask Teachers Help

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Accounting Resources

Accounting Coach
Accounting Tutorials
Accounting Concepts



Reading/Mapping Strageties Practice
Developmental English/Reading Practice Quizzes


Placement Test Practice

NEIT Practice Tests
Number2 - Free Test Prep Tutorials

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