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Here's how we create your username and password:

Username - first name, middle initial, and last name (no punctuation)

Password - Your student ID located on your registration form.

Example - Lee Q. Student with Student ID of 1234567
Username = leeqstudent Password = 1234567

If another student already has this username, your username may be slightly different. Try using the same user name followed by the last two digits of your student ID, for example leeqstudent67. If you have still have problems see below.

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If you are not sure of your password (or if you may have changed and forgotten your password), you can reset this yourself. Click the Forgot Password link on the LOGIN page and you will receive instructions to reset your password. If you try this and receive an error message, send an email to distancelearning@abtech.edu and include your full name, student ID, and the course name, number and section of one of the courses you are taking.

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You will not be able to access your new classes in Blackboard until the first day of the semester. IMPORTANT: if you login and cannot find one or more of your courses, this may be because:

  1. You logged in before the first day of the semester.
  2. The course is a "Late Start" course (these courses usually begin the second week of the semester).
  3. The course is a minimester course that begins in the second half of the semester.
  4. Your registration has not yet been recorded in Blackboard. Blackboard course listings are updated twice daily during the "add" period.
  5. There is a problem with your registration. Please call the Student Success Center at (828) 254-1921 Ext. 7520

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Contact the course instructor and request that the course be set to Unavailable. If the course needs to remain temporarily available (for example if some students are still working on Incompletes), you can still hide the course from your own list - click the pencil icon at the top of your My Courses list and uncheck the course from the list. If you still have problems, contact distancelearning@abtech.edu and include the full name of the course (including the year,semester, ID and section number).

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If you need help that is related to your course (for example understanding or submitting your assignments, taking a quiz or exam, or using the discussion Board), check the FAQ page or contact your instructor if you need additional help.

If you need general help using Blackboard, first check the FAQ page. If that does not solve your problem, call the A-B Tech Help Desk available 24 hours 7 days a week at 1-866-827-6505, or access the Online Learning Support Center, which provides online support for both Instructors and Students.

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You can reset your password to anything you like once you login to Blackboard. Click the Online @ AB Tech tab at top right of your Blackboard window. Now click Personal Information in the Tools menu on the left. You can update your information here, including your password. Be sure to use a password you can remember!

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