What Our Students Are Saying

Pamela N.

I thank you for this honor.  A-B Tech has been a saving grace for me, far beyond the average hopes and dreams that come with a college education.

- Pamela N.
Maria G.

This scholarship is such a blessing because school has always been very important to me.  I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to school if it wasn’t for the scholarship.

- Maria G.
Brittini Q.

My opportunity to attend college has greatly affected my life because I have the ability to become the woman I know I can be.

- Brittini Q.
Rosaline G.

This opportunity has been a blessing to me and my family and with this financial support I can continue to work on achieving my academic goals.

- Rosaline G.
Jerry M.

The opportunity for me to attend college and retrain for a new career not only benefits me financially in my future, but also has changed what was a difficult time in my life into a positive and uplifting experience.

- Jerry M.
Daniel C.

My family and I would like to thank you for investing in our future, helping us to make giant steps toward our goal of being independent and self-reliant.

- Daniel C.
Matthew E.

Being able to return to school after 10 years has truly been a life changing opportunity.  Attending college gives me the courage and self-confidence to have not only a better paying job, but also a career that I am proud of.

- Matthew E.
Tina G.

I cannot put down enough words to describe how thankful I really am.  It’s people like you that make our world a better place.  Thank you.

- Tina G.

2013-2014 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Over three hundred A-B Tech College students are the recipients of scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year provided through contributions made to the A-B Tech Foundation.

Recipients of scholarships for the 2013-2014 school year are:


  • 100 Men and Women Minority Scholarship - Marlee Arteta, Tiffany McDowell

  • A-B Tech AEOP Ray Bailey Endowed Scholarship - Rhonda Crisp

  • A-B Tech Foundation Scholarship- Esther Abel, Ariah Avery, Benjamin Calebs, Roman Furtuna, Maria Gazpar-Lara, Timothy Harden, Sabrina Hennemeier, Adrieana Jefferson, Dallie Lawrence, Austin Randall, Ellis Rhom, David Runion, Marissa Suddreth

  • A-B Tech Opportunity Fund Scholarship - Wesley Allen

  • A-B Tech Visual and Performing Art Scholarship - Michael Conner, Jenny Rice

  • A-B Tech Visual and Performing Arts/Drama Scholarship - Cherish Miller

  • Adelaide Key Scholarship - Lubet Seibold

  • Alice D. Hamling Foundation Scholarship - Ashley Fromm, Caitlin Raube, Erick Zenteno

  • Altrusa International of Asheville Scholarship - Tracey Childers

  • April in Asheville Gala Scholarship - Paul Gupton, Jessica Pullara, Philip Hamilton, Cecil Swain, Eric Blue, Monica Felipe, Julie Kofler, Lisa Tomlin

  • ArvinMeritor, Electrical, Electronics, and Machining Scholarship- Abigail Auman, John Langdon

  • Asheville Independent Restaurant "Chefs of Tomorrow" Scholarship - Sarah Cousler, Kenneth Delia, Jamal Kaso, David Luttrell-Rowland, Sheila Maffio, Eric Morgan, Mathew Pate, James Viar

  • Asheville Latin Americans for Advancement Society Merit Scholarship - Carlos Romero

  • Asheville SCORE Nevin Rodes Scholarship - Kadie Sanders

  • AT&T-North Carolina Scholarship - Brian Cole

  • AvL Technologies Endowed Scholarship - Kaitlyn Andrade, Kerri Autrey, Matthew Bell, Diana Bratton, Alisha Cody, Beatrix Coffey, Daniel Creft Jr., Morgan Garrison, Robert Gray, Allan Henderson, Keula (Kyla) Kilgore, Howard La Flamme, Danielle Wiener

  • Back in the Saddle Scholarship - Ramona Pertiller-Dula, Ryan Woody

  • Bill and Alice Hart Scholarship - Cassie Bevill

  • Bowers, Ellis and Watson Endowed Scholarship  - Rachel Haney

  • Business Scholarship - Chirstina Johnson, Elizabeth Stroud

  • Capt. Jeff Bowen Memorial Scholarship - Jacob Hansbury, Jason Isler,Zach Wetmore

  • Children's Welfare League Endowed Scholarship - Terasa Allen, Janeka Moore, Tamara Simpson

  • College Bridge Scholarship - Shamira Temple, Melissa Zacharchuk

  • Cosmetology Scholarship - Kristi Dimsdale, Joshua Kisselburg

  • Deltec Homes Endowed Scholarship - Billie Goodlake

  • Dr. Joe Roberson Scholarship - Sue Allen Ainsley, Melissa Wardwell, Amanda White

  • Eaton Corporation Endowed Scholarship - Paulette Gardner

  • Edna and C.J. DeLoach Memorial Scholarship - Katherine Daniel, April Dattler

  • Engineering and Applied Science Scholarship - Charles Lundberg, Michael Southard

  • Etheridge Women's Club Scholarship - George Simmons

  • Fred Anderson Automotive Scholarship - Matthew Enderlin, Erik Rankin

  • French Board River Garden Club Scholarship - Catherine Voorhees

  • GEM Fund, American Association of University Women, Asheville Branch Scholarship - Markia Brooks, Charmane Cox, Jayne English, Erica Halliman, Regina Hill, Kristin Kahl, Rachelle Sorensen-Cox, Alison Tippins, Julie Wade

  • Goodman Foundation Scholarship - Laura Meshwork

  • Grace Joan Love Schneider Endowed Scholarship - Amy Abshire, Jennifer Arellano, Kelly Ball, Tyler Ball, Donna Best, Kayla Bullman, Desmond Burrell, Amanda Cadwell, Cody Calvet, Jennifer Clements, Diana Crisp, Tauri Demetry, Emily Edwards, Summer Embree, Amy Gilbert, Tammy Goforth, Katelyn Hurdt, Kathryn Ingle, Kahlani Jackson, Kim Jones, Bambi Ledford, Oxana Mak Folls, Nina Mathis, Lindsey McDevitt, Rebecca McMillan, Casey Merriman, Jennifer Price, Felicia Proctor, Kristen Sherrill, Allison Smith, Dewey Smith, Mary Sparks, Christina Spetz, Heather Van Dyke, Stephanie Wallin, Molly Walters, Krystal Watkins

  • Grimes-West Medical Laboratory Technology Endowed Scholarship - Lauren Baker

  • H. D. and Kay Crews Endowed Scholarship - Kasia Abel, Megan Antle, Jessica Bane, Derek Beckett, Linzey Brown, Christine Curvey, Brittney DeWitt, Carol Edwards, Tina Guinn, Christine Hensley, Deanna Huff, Ehiennette Lawing, Stephen Lee, Tessa Lewis, Emily Munn, Jessica Patton, Brian Richardson, April Trull, Lynette Williams

  • Hazel Fox Minority Student Entreprenueurship Scholarship - Sadiq Harris

  • Health and Public Service Scholarship -  Olga Baksalova, Nadiya Marrengulye, Katie West

  • Heirloom Hospitality Group Culinary Scholarship - Mandy Stricklin

  • Hutchinson/Candler Lions Club Endowed Scholarship - Tracey Childers

  • Hospitality Education Scholarship - Daniel Radle, Alex Harris

  • I Didn't Know I Qualify Scholarship - Chandra Dobbins, Marlene Olmedo

  • Iva McGrady Wall Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Josef Sollman

  • Jack and Carolyn Ferguson Endowed Scholarship - Salinda Balbeer Singh, Brittney Baldwin, Trecy Bergen, Charlotte Burnham, Angelica Coffey, Tina Corn, Colleen Daley, Megan Dolan, Annette Fadul, Ashley Fontenot, Jessica Gallagher, Savannah Hays, Michele James, Heather Lee, Kaley Lewis, Rebekah Macnair, Sarah Moore, Melissa Nooney, Lupe Perez, Olivia Scherzer, Paul Scouten, Ginger Shumam

  • Jan and Lary Schulhof Endowed Scholarship - Tayler Hunter, Jessica Klimstra

  • Jessie Copp Kramer/Hominy Valley Endowed Scholarship - Tyler Austin, George Pitcher IV, Addison Tyler, Megan White,

  • John Bernhardt Endowed Scholarship - Daniel Burry, Theodore Klimmel, Jaime Pineda

  • John E. McRlrath Scholarship - Jodie Conlan

  • Johnathan Giardina Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Ben Moore, Landon Miller

  • Joe and Janice Brumit Endowed Scholarship - Jacqueline Olivia Bowers

  • Joseph Bell-Powell Endowed Scholarship - Mathew Pate

  • Joseph Dave Endowed Scholarship - Mike Fizer

  • K. Ray Bailey Endowment for Student Success Scholarship - Michelle Manow, Samantha Michaud, Ashley Webb

  • K. Ray Bailey/A-B Tech Foundation Golf Classic Scholarship - Jessica Austin, Brittany Ballard, Amanda Bizub, Michael Bremer, April Burroughs, Ryan Buskirk, Solomon Carnock, Amber Carter, Kimberly Cohen, Bruce Damato, Mary Dill, Victoria Erickson, Ashley Fromm, Stella Galyean, Kayla Garrett, Monica Glover, Robert Griffey, Addie Hall, William Howard, Naomi Isreal, Rebecca Jones, Jack Jordan, Kris Laughlin, Christopher Milan, Allie Nash, Pamela North, Thomas Parks, Jodi Penn, Melody Plemmons, Amanda Poole, Crystal Purple, Teresa Ramsay, Jordan Rocchio, Andrew Ross, Samuel Sanders, Debbie Shivers, Edward Simonie, Reeves Singleton, Kristen Stover, Samantha Sutphin, Kimberly Swaney, Victoria Tcacenco, Regina Temple, Tina Vaught, Caitland Warfield, Caroline Wefel, Caroline Williams, David Wilson, Laura Wuest, Sarrah Zura, Matthew McCusker

  • La Chaine des Rotisseurs Scholarship - Ruth Solis, Kristina Costa

  • Lacy T. Haith & James V. Miller Endowed Scholarship - Michelle Bucknor, Cecil Cohen, Grant Gousby, Brittany Priester, Jazmyn Williams

  • Lavender Fund  Scholarship - Jennifer Black, Michelle Bucknor, Brandy Carpenter, Jeraldine Cephas, Evelyn Gamez, Beth Gilliam, Rosaline Gordon, NuAnna Horn, Michelle Howard, Amber Martz-Johnson, Stephanie Meletti, Laura Miller, Peter Nordquist, Sarah Parton, Kayla Peninger, Christopher Penland, Kenneth Perrin, Tracy Pinegar, Latika Poore, Tracie Potillo, Candis Randall, Ekaterina Rodriguez, Scott Shanklin, Toshia Sitton-Skyes, Lynnea Skiman, Rachelle Sorensen-Cox, Kristen Vail, Veronica Vasquez,  James Wright, Rebecca Young,

  • Lead the Way Scholarship for African American Men - Phillip Cooper

  • Lowe's Buchan Club Scholarship - Kevin Simpson

  • Marie Love Cochrane Endowed Scholarship - Samarath Rodriguez

  • Mark Rosenstein, The Marketplace Scholarship - Caroline Williams, Jadrien O'Hannon

  • Mary Hay Gwynn Endowed Scholarship - Shamira Temple

  • Mary Louise Carpenter Scholarship - Rebekah Haney

  • Medical Assisting Scholarship - Michelle Santini

  • Morgan Virginia Kirtland Webster Scholarship - Bethany Morgan

  • NC Association of Electrical Contractors Scholarship - Abigail Auman

  • Never Too Old for School Scholarship - Barbara Byrd, Nadine Jessup, Elizabeth Wachacha

  • Nursing Scholarship - Jill Heim, Kari Hensley, Tamsyn Markham, Rachel Sales

  • Osborne M. Hart Endowed Scholarship - Rosaline Gordon, Ebony Jenkins, Brittini Quarles

  • Owen Tilson Endowed Memorial Scholarship - Cody Flynn

  • Padgett & Freeman Architects CAD Technology Scholarship - Paul Schmitz

  • Pharmacy Technology Fellowship Award - Nicole Graves, Edwina Green Hill, Ruth Vasbinder

  • Pisgah Investments, LLC (for Habitat for Humanity Residents) Scholarship - Andrea Fernandez, Lina Ostapovich, Irma Sargent

  • Pride in Technical Education Scholarship - Saxxon Emory, Justin Morrow

  • Progress Energy Endowed Scholarship - Brian Ogg

  • Quality Education Scholarship - Olga Coffeen, Jennifer Heath

  • Richard and Jean Benfield Scholarship - Daniel Clontz

  • Richard Mauney Scholarship - Minh Tram

  • Robert F. Burgin Endowed Scholarship - Lisa Dart

  • Roberta Manley Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Leslie Ettwein

  • Rotary Club of Madison County - Irv Washington Scholarship - Melissa Sherlin

  • Sgro-Huston Memorial Scholarship - Amanda Ingram

  • Sgt. Jeffrey Hewitt Memorial Endowed Scholarship - Jacob Penland

  • Shapiro-Green Endowed Scholarship - Jasmin Garcia, Natalie Laguna, Richi Paisley, Takidra Young-Edgerton

  • Square D Endowed Scholarship - Daniel Kirl

  • SSC Service Solutions Scholarship - Star Graham

  • State Employees' Credit Union Foundation Scholarship - Heather Bowersox, Tiffany Meetz, Kelly Wheeler

  • Telco Community Credit Union Social Media Scholarship - Paulette Gardner, Jerry Moncus

  • The Frances N. Johnson Endowed Scholarship - Owen Spangler

  • The Glenda Bailey Veterinary Technology Endowed Scholarship - Rachel Burke

  • The Grove Park Inn Hospitality Scholarship in honor of Elaine D. Sammons - Raven Riley

  • The Grove Park Inn Endowed Hospitality Scholarship in honor of Elaine D. Sammons - Christopher Penland

  • The Maher Family Scholarship - Caitlin Edgerton, Christopher Lawson

  • The Sam Palmeri Health Endowed Scholarship - Matthew Crowley

  • The Womansong New Start Scholarship - Kina Corbin, Detria Greene

  • Theresa Sabo Endowed Nursing Scholarship - Heather Cole, Charis Jones, Brandon Passmore, Rebecca Weber

  • Veterinary Medical Technology Program Scholarship - Gabriella Dancourt

  • W. P. Hickman Company Welding Scholarship - Erik Norton

  • Walnut Cove Members Association Culinary Scholarship - Zachary McRae, Brian Wolfe

  • Wells Fargo Project New Futures Scholarship - Jerry Moncus

  • Wells Fargo Workforce Accelaration Scholarship - Chiloh Campbell, Karen Canfield-Budro, Sarah Craycraft, Paul Cullen, Bethany Dalton, Kareem Hendi, Christopher Herdman, Donald Howard, James Locke, John Shay, Mark Silvers

  • William and Dorothy Tugman Scholarship - Michael Laplante

  • William P. Warren Scholarship Endowment - Evan Lemaster, Kayce Perry, Leah Solesbee

  • Winkenwerder Family Scholarship - Candice Maliska

  • Worth B. Gregory, Jr. Scholarship - Kristina Hyatt

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Foundation, please contact (828) 398-7177.
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