Records and Registration Overview

Name and Address Change

Students must submit a "Change of Vital Data" form to the Student Success Service Center in the Bailey Building for name changes. In order to make a name change, the student must also provide legal documentation of the name change (preferably social security card and a second form of verification).  Students may update their addresses through their WebAdvisor accounts or through a Student Services representative.

Change of Vital Data Form 

Obtaining Your Placement Test Score Report

Students must submit Placement Score Request form to request copies of placement test scores.

Obtaining Your Curriculum Transcript

The College charges a transcript fee of $5 per transcript and a $10 fee per transcript on-demand. Students must submit a written request for a transcript. The student's signature is required to release a transcript. A photo ID is required if you wish to pick up your transcript in person. Transcripts may be requested in person, by mail or by fax. The fax number is (828)251-6718. 

Before faxing a request, please click here to pay the transcript fee by credit card.

If you have questions about the transcript process or trouble faxing your request, please call the Records and Registration office at (828)398-7579.
Transcripts will not be released if the student owes money to the College or is on disciplinary suspension.

Transcript Request Form

Grading System

Check Grades On-Line at WebAdvisor


Withdrawal Form

Applying for an A-B Tech Certificate

The application for certificate may be submitted during the semester in which you are taking the the last required course(s). After the certificate requirements have been confirmed, a letter will be sent to your address of record (the address we currently have listed for you in the student master file in our computer system). You will also be sent a copy of your transcript with the certificate recognition posted on it. (If your address has changed and you have not had it changed in our system, please fill in your new address at the bottom of this form and check “yes” to have it changed in our system.)
Students who have earned a certificate will be invited to a Certificate Awards Ceremony.

Certificate Application Form


Graduation Requirements

The form should be submitted the semester prior to the semester in which you will complete your requirements.  The application deadline to be potentially included in the program for the May 2015 graduation ceremony is April 15, 2015.

Fill out the Graduation Application form. You must have your advisor sign the graduation application verifying the catalog year under which you are applying to graduate.

An e-mail will be sent to your A-B Tech e-mail account.  Please also keep your address up-to-date in WebAdvisor as we will send graduation details to your e-mail account or home address.  Please note that computer courses more than 5 years old must have departmental approval on file in Student Services.

Graduation Application for 2014-15

Privacy of Student Records

For information concerning the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, visit the U.S. Department of Education's FERPA website or contact the Records and Registration Office.
Release of Information Form

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