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Seats available in these high demand job training areas:

New Phlebotomy Program is now available at the Patton Avenue Goodwill location

For more information, please call our Information Center at 828-398-7900.

CAREER COACH is open to the public!

Career Coach is the latest tool offered for those who seek current local data on job outlook, employment numbers, wages, job postings, related careers, and customized demographics with associated education requirements.  A-B Tech majors are built-in to the program!

Powered by zip code labor market data and real-time job postings by, Career Coach can be a self-guided resource to assist in choosing a career or for those seeking employment.

Career Coach

Simple keyword searches by career title, A-B Tech programs, or other majors, provide four main topics of information:

  1. Earnings shows regional wages for each occupation giving a general sense of earning potential
  2. Employment trends help one understand how many people actually do "X" in our area and if demand is decreasing, steady, or increasing
  3. Education and training is automatically linked for each career with recommended A-B Tech majors where applicable
  4. Job postings for our region are powered by


All job seekers are encouraged to join A-B Tech's JOB BOARD for local area job postings.