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Past Participants 


2013 - 2014 Student Business Incubator Participants

2013 - 2014 Student Business Incubator Program:
(left to right) Jodi Penn, Daniel Creft, Jennifer Heath, Kadie Sanders, Rachelle Sorensen-Cox


  • Smart Insurance
    Owner: Jodi Penn
  • International Herb Co.
    Owner: Daniel Creft
  • MediCoolIDs
    Owner: Jennifer Heath
  • A Call To Create
    Owner: Kadie Sanders
  • Work It Out
    Owner: Rachelle Sorensen-Cox



SBI Incubator

  • Payback Energy Management

    Owner: Ashley Edwards

  • Happy Camper Food Solutions
    Owner: Genie Gunn
  • Cat Trax
    Owner: Rain Chamberlan
  • Snake, Rabbit, and Snail
    Owner: Julie Wade
  • HowFluid
    Owner: Reuben Howerter                                            
  • The Can King
    Owner: James Covington
  • The Art of Dining Catering
    Owner: Frank Primm
(left to right)Genie Gunn, Reuben Howerter, James Covington, Rain Chamberlan, Ashley Edwards, Julie Wade. Not Pictured: Frank Primm 


2011-12 Student Busines Incubator tenants

(left to right) Alisa Burnette, Karen Donatelli, Jessica Thistlegrove, Whit Rylee, Lauren Ball and Jason Roth. 


2010-11 Student Busines Incubator tenants

  • Innovative Avenue 
    Owners: Mary and Terry Dill

  • Victor’s Lawn Care
    Owner: Victor Ochoa

  • American Revolution Design
    Casual Military Apparel - Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.
    Owner: Chad Bergin
  • Logo Safe, LLC
    Logo, trademark, and intellectual property fraud mitigation software company.
    Owners: Lydia and Gerald D. Scott, Jr.
  • Raimondo Consulting Group, LLC
    Premium In-Home Tutoring
    Owner: Angela Rosebrough

2009 -10

2009-10 Student Business Incubator tenants

  • Spectralight Images, LLC
    Provides highly targeted training for the 3D animation and digital media production market.  Also provide digital media production services that include 3D animation, design visualization, multimedia, kiosks, video and photography.
    Owner: Steven Schain
  • The Open Box
    We strive to be the most Eco- friendly moving and packing company in the industry. By using our moving services you can join the movement by supporting a new focus on responsible, earth friendly moving and packing practices
    Owner: Felicia Lunsford
  • The Emerald Planet Group
    Good Riddance is a 99% natural, non-toxic fruit fly solution that lets you get rid of fruit flies, quickly!  Problem solved. Guaranteed.
    Owner: Michelle Marcoux
  • Task Mania
    The mission of Task Mania is to provide professional, certified, and proficient assistance to businesses through administrative services, doing so by keeping up with changing technology and education
    Owner: Katrina Bragg































































































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