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Presidential Search Advisory Committee

The A-B Tech Board of Trustees is conducting a search for the next President of A-B Tech for a term set to begin on August 1, 2014. To facilitate the process, the Board has appointed a Presidential Search Committee, which is an advisory panel assigned to develop the job description, advertise the position and provide the Board of Trustees with a report on the desirable characteristics for the next President as identified through campus and community input.

The committee will host four campus and community forums and conduct surveys in order to produce a report for the Board of Trustees. Once it has received the report, the Board of Trustees will review all qualified applicants for the position of President and select finalists for interviews.  Working in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, the College's law firm will conduct extensive background and reference checks on the finalists prior to interviews and provide the Trustees with the full results.  When the finalists have been selected, they will participate in additional campus and community forums. 

Members of the Presidential Search Committee include:

  • Don Locke, Committee Chair — A-B Tech Board of Trustees member, NCSU Distinguished Professor Emeritus (retired)
  • Sandra Byrd – A-B Tech Foundation Board, Retired Assistant Provost, Asheville Graduate Center, UNC Asheville
  • Kit Cramer – President & CEO, Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Jayne English – President, A-B Tech Student Government Association
  • Bill Murdock – Executive Director, Eblen Charities, A-B Tech Foundation Board and A-B Tech Entrepreneurial and Educational Foundation Board
  • Anne Ponder – Chancellor, UNC Asheville
  • Carolyn Rice – Executive Assistant, A-B Tech President’s Office
  • Marlene Roden – President, A-B Tech Faculty Association, Associate Chair, Business Computer Information Systems
  • Sandra Tolley – Chairman, Madison County Board of Education
  • Kaye Waugh –Vice President, A-B Tech Human Resources & Organizational Development 

The Board of Trustees and Presidential Search Advisory Committee appreciate your input regarding the position and are grateful for your continued support as we endeavor to choose the next President of A-B Tech.

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