The work-study program provides job opportunities for students with financial need.  The money earned through a work-study position can be used to help pay educational expenses.  Work-study awards are paid monthly by check based upon hours worked. The amount indicated on the Award Notification represents the maximum amount a student may earn for a given academic year.  Students will only be paid for actual hours worked.


On campus jobs may be located at the main campus, Enka campus, Madison Site and South Site.  Job duties vary by position.  Currently, the pay rate for on-campus positions is $8.00 per hour.


Off-campus jobs are available.  Currently, A-B Tech works with several elementary schools and one preschool to assist children with reading skill development.  The current pay rate for off-campus positions is $8.50 per hour.


To apply for work-study, students need to complete the FAFSA and must be enrolled at least half time (students submitting Job Board applications without a completed FAFSA will not be selected). Once a student receives his/her Award Notification, he/she will need to submit an application for a work-study position.  Positions will be posted on the A-B Tech Job BoardSubmitting an application does not guarantee the student a work-study position, and students who are not selected will not receive a "non-selection" notification. Placement into a position is contingent on job availability, the student's qualifications, and program funding.

Additional information about the Federal Work Study program and all Policies and Procedures related to the program may be found in the Financial Aid Office and are available upon request.



Updated 1.30.15