Financial Aid Documentation Submission Policy





For all persons needing to submit documents to A-B Tech’s Financial Aid Office, it is strongly recommended that submissions be made in-person when at all possible. However, if distance, transportation, or other issues prevent an in-person visit to our campus, documents and forms may be submitted via postal service or email.  Please note:  The Financial Aid Office is no longer able to accept documentation via fax.  The only exception will be if third-party organizations (such as the Department of Social Services) must fax us something on the student's behalf.

To ensure that documents will be received, processed, and completed in a timely manner, the Financial Aid Office has instituted the guidelines presented below for submission in these formats.




  • Complete an Official Financial Aid Cover Sheet to be included with their submission. The Financial Aid Cover Sheet is available in the forms section of the Financial Aid website ( All sections of the cover sheet are required information, and must be completed before submitting. Documents which are submitted via post or email without the completed cover sheet will not be processedby the Financial Aid Office.
  • Verify that the documents being submitted are correct before submission occurs. Correct documents are ONLY those documents which have been officially requested, either by A-B Tech or by an outside institution (Dept. of Education., Dept. of Social Services, etc.). If you have not received an official request for a document, DO NOT SUBMIT IT. The Financial Aid office assumes no responsibility for incorrect or unsolicited documents, and cannot process these if submitted.  Remember: If you are submitting tax return information to the Financial Aid Office, we cannot accept print-outs of 1040s, 1040As, or 1040EZs printed from online tax services or personal tax preparers. Our office can only accept tax information in official transcript form from the IRS.
  • Digital signatures can be used for documents sent via email. If you are submitting a document with a digital signature, your student ID number must appear somewhere on the document and the document must be sent from your student email account, not a personal or third-party email account.

In the event that incorrect or unsolicited documents are submitted to the Financial Aid Office, they will be filed in our database (if possible) and assigned a status of “Incomplete”, but not processed. To avoid this occurrence, it is important that documents are verified as correct before you submit them. If you are uncertain as to which documents have been officially requested, you may contact:

Ensure that documents are filled out in their entirety, and that all required information is provided. This includes (but is not limited to) signatures, student identification numbers, CURRENT phone numbers, etc. The Financial Aid Office assumes no responsibility for incomplete documentation. Remember: If you are submitting verification documents to complete your FAFSA application, the Financial Aid Office cannot complete your application without all of the requested documents, submitted at the same time. Partial submissions of required documentation can be neither processed nor completed. For this reason, it is best to wait to submit until you are certain that all of the necessary documents are present.


Be proactive regarding any inquiries you may have about your submissions. The Financial Aid Office will generally contact you ONLY in the event that:

A) The federal government has requested information necessary to complete your FAFSA application.

B) Your FAFSA application has been completed and your award notification is ready to be viewed in your WebAdvisor account.

C) An academic appeal you have submitted has been reviewed and has a new status.

In regard to other questions- account statuses, etc.- students are responsible for initiating their own inquiries, and should not anticipate updates or follow-up calls from the Financial Aid Office regarding their submissions or accounts. If you have an inquiry, you are welcome to contact us:



If you have read and understood this policy regarding the submission of all documents to the Financial Aid office via post or email, please proceed to the forms link on our webpage and fill out the Official Financial Aid Cover Sheet to include with your document submission. Thank you.

A-B Tech Financial Aid Office