Join Our Annual Universal Campaign

First things firstThank you for the gifts you have made through our annual Universal Campaign.  Your generous giving enabled us to raise $28,655.96 for funds that support student scholarships and faculty development.  And, your gifts to other organizations supported by United Way totaled $22,076.70.  Amazing!

Each of your gifts makes a difference for so many members of our A-B Tech family!   As we enter our Universal Campaign, that is an important fact for us to remember.

With a growing enrollment, there are more student needs to address.  68% of our students need financial support.  We all want to lend a hand and come together to provide scholarships and emergency funds.  That means 100% giving by all of us; let’s strive to meet that goal!

Each and every dollar is important and adds to the ability to assist our students, but your support is more than money. In the words of one scholarship recipient:

“I am truly grateful for the gift you have provided to not only me but others like myself.  It is my intention to repay your generosity by being the best student I can be and then being just a little bit better.”  Christine Marie Spetz

Let’s find a way to dig deep and make dreams come true for our students.  This year, we are striving to build on our tradition of giving by reaching 100% participation in our Universal Campaign.

Payroll Deduction is an easy way to make a small monthly gift add up.  Or you may choose to make a one-time gift of any amount. And, you may designate your gift to the area that touches your heart the most.


• General Unrestricted Fund to be used in the area of greatest need
• General Scholarship Fund for which any student may apply
• Specific Scholarship Fund designated by you, the donor (for a list of specific Curriculum Scholarships and Criteria, please click here)
• Emergency Fund for addressing the urgent needs of our most vulnerable students
• Professional Development opportunities for faculty and staff
• Programmatic needs of the College in a specified area

You may be interested in looking at the history of giving to A-B Tech by reviewing our current Annual Report.

To learn more about what the United Way is doing to support education in our community, please click here.

Thank you for considering the A-B Tech Foundation as one of your giving priorities this year.  Remember, we are aiming for 100% giving from us this year…we can do it!



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  • From File, click Save As
  • Save As:  last name first name (example:  JohnsonCalvin) or your Colleague/Employee #, 7 digits
  • Complete the form and attach to an email from you to

Download Universal Camapign Pledge Form     

Please contact any member of the College Advancement Team if you have questions or need more information!     

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Mark Newman, Laura Pennington and Chris McGuire

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