Career-Technical Pathways - General Information

The Career and College Promise Career-Technical (CTE) Pathways provide students with learning experiences that develop career-related skills. Each pathway offers the student an opportunity to complete a certificate or degree in a specific field.

There are 10 Career-Technical Pathways for 2014-15:


  • Automotive Technology Diploma
  • Building Construction Science Diploma
  • Early Childhood Basics Certificate
  • Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology
  • Human Services Studies Certificate
  • Industrial Maintenance Certificate
  • Machining Technologies Diploma
  • Computer Basics Certificate
  • Basic Welding Certificate

A student can only participate in two Career Technical tracks at a time and may simultaneously enroll into both a CTE pathway and a Career and College Promise Transfer pathway. In addition, a student can change a career-technical pathway between semesters with approval of the high school principal (or his/her designee) and the college’s chief student development administrator.

The admissions requirements for Career-Technical Pathways include being a high school junior or senior and a 3.0 weighted GPA but do not require the test score requirement like the Transfer Pathways.  The Admissions Requirements link has a complete list of requirements to participate in CTE pathways.

To see the course selections that are available under each of the different CTE pathways, go to the Curriculum link.

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