Guiding Principles for Construction Projects



Respect our heritage and historic assets.


Design facilities that encourage strong ties between the college and the broader community.


Incorporate Universal Design principles that create an accessible and welcoming environment for everyone.

Future Needs

Design multi-purpose structures that create and preserve spaces which allow for change and growth.

Learning Environment

Create facilities and outdoor spaces that support modern methods of teaching and learning, and promote student and community engagement.

Local Economic Growth

Invest in the local economy by employing local designers, construction workers, suppliers, vendors, and materials whenever feasible.


Develop campuses and buildings that support our Vision, Mission and Values.

Outdoor Environment

Complement the natural beauty and historic architecture of the area.

Ease of Access

Provide inviting and accessible campuses encouraging various modes of travel and encompassing well-planned parking, signage, and lighting.

Security & Safety

Incorporate best practices for emergency response, safety and security.

Unified Sense of Place

Create welcoming spaces with unifying architectural and landscape themes that foster a sense of place for students and the community. Identify the perimeter of the campus to convey a feeling of “arrival.” 

Student Support Services

Provide accessible, convenient, and easily navigated spaces for student support services. 


Incorporate sustainability best practices such as site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor/outdoor environmental quality whenever feasible.

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