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Course Number Course Title
BDF 215 Legal Issues-Fermentation
BDF 230 Advanced Brewing
BDF 240 Seasonal Beer Production
BDF 250 BDF Packaging & Materials
BDF 261 Bev Marketing & Sales
BDF 261A Bev Marketing & Sales Lab
BDF 270 Craft Beverage Business Lab
BUS 110 Introduction to Business
BUS 115 Business Law I
BUS 116 Business Law II
BUS 135 Principles of Supervision
BUS 137 Principles of Management
BUS 147 Business Insurance
BUS 151 People Skills
BUS 153 Human Resources Management
BUS 175 Contract Negotiations
BUS 217 Employment Laws and Regulations
BUS 225 Business Finance
BUS 234 Training and Development
BUS 239 Business Applications Seminar
BUS 240 Business Ethics
BUS 255 Org Behavior in Business
BUS 256 Recruitment, Selection, and Personnel Planning
BUS 258 Compensation and Benefits
BUS 259 HRM Applications
BUS 260 Business Communication
BUS 270 Professional Development
BUS 280 REAL Small Business
CAB 119 Cabinetry/Millworking
STP 101 Intro Sterile Processing
STP 102 STP Clinical Practice
STP 103 Prof Success Prep
CHM 092 Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHM 121 Foundations of Chemistry
CHM 121A Foundations of Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 130 General, Organic, and Biochemistry
CHM 130A General, Organic, and Biochemistry Lab
CHM 132 Organic and Biochemistry
CHM 151 General Chemistry I
CHM 152 General Chemistry II
CHM 251 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 252 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 271 Biochemical Principles
CIV 111 Soils and Foundations
CIV 125 Civil/Surveying CAD
CIV 215 Highway Technology
CIV 220 Basic Structural Concepts
CIV 230 Construction Estimating
CIV 240 Project Management
CIV 250 Civil Engineering Technology Project
CEG 111 Intro to GIS and GNSS
CEG 115 Intro to Tech & Sustainability
CEG 115 Intro to Tech & Sustainability
CEG 151 CAD for Engineering Technology
CEG 151 CAD for Engineering Technology
CEG 210 Construction Mtls & Methods
CEG 211 Hydrology & Erosion Control
CEG 212 Intro to Environmental Tech
CEG 230 Subdivision Planning & Design
COM 110 Introduction to Communication
COM 120 Interpersonal Communication
COM 140 Intro to Intercultural Communication
COM 150 Intro to Mass Communication
COM 231 Public Speaking
CET 111 Computer Upgrade/Repair I
CET 125 Voice and Data Cabling
CET 161 Procedural Programming
CET 211 Computer Upgrade/Repair II
CET 212 Integrated Manufacturing Systems
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers
CIS 111 Basic PC Literacy
CIS 113 Computer Basics
CIS 115 Intro to Programming and Logic
CIS 165 Desktop Publishing I
CTS 060 Essential Computer Usage
CTS 115 Information System Business Concepts
CTS 120 Hardware/Software Support
CTS 130 Spreadsheet
CTS 135 Integrated Software Intro
CTS 217 Computer Training Support
CTS 220 Advanced Hard/Software Support
CTS 285 Systems Analysis and Design
CTS 287 Emerging Technologies
CTS 289 System Support Project
CSC 134 C++ Programming
CSC 151 JAVA Programming
CTI 240 Virtualization Admin I
CTI 241 Virtualization Admin II
CST 111 Construction I
CST 112 Construction II
CST 113 Construction III
CST 150 Building Science
CST 211 Construction Surveying
CST 241 Planning/Estimating I
CST 244 Sustainable Building Design
CMT 210 Professional Construction Supervision
CMT 212 Total Safety Performance
CMT 214 Planning and Scheduling
CMT 216 Costs and Productivity
CMT 218 Human Relations Issues
COS 111 Cosmetology Concepts I
COS 111AB Cosmetology Concepts I
COS 111BB Cosmetology Concepts I
COS 112 Salon I
COS 112AB Salon I
COS 112BB Salon I
COS 113 Cosmetology Concepts II
COS 113AB Cosmetology Concepts II
COS 113BB Cosmetology Concepts II
COS 114 Salon II
COS 114AB Salon II
COS 114BB Salon II
COS 115 Cosmetology Concepts III
COS 115AB Cosmetology Concepts III
COS 115BB Cosmetology Concepts III
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