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Mgmt Problems - Hospitality

Subject ID Classroom Hours Lab Hours Clinic Coop Or Shop Hours Credit Hours
HRM 280 3 0 0 3

ACC 120, CIS 110, COE 112, CUL 142, HRM 110, HRM 120, HRM 210, HRM 215, HRM 220, HRM 225, HRM 240, HRM 245


HRM 135 or HRM 275


This course is designed to introduce students to timely issues within the hospitality industry and is intended to move students into a managerial mindset. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving skills using currently available resources. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of how hospitality management principles may be applied to real challenges facing industry managers.

Credit by examination is not available for this course because of the nature of the course and in some cases safety requirements in the use of equipment. Any exceptions must be with the approval of the department chairperson.

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