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Facilities Management

Subject ID Classroom Hours Lab Hours Clinic Coop Or Shop Hours Credit Hours
HRM 135 3 0 0 3

DMA 030, ENG 080, RED 090 or placement




This course introduces the basic elements of planning and designing hospitality facilities, including environmental impacts, maintenance and upkeep. Topics include equipment and plant preventive maintenance, engineering, interior design, space utilization, remodeling and expansion, and traffic and workflow patterns. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the planning, design, national certification and maintenance of hospitality physical plants and equipment. This course will also examine facility requirements unique to bed and breakfast and other alternative lodging experiences.

Credit by examination is not available for this course because of the nature of the course and in some cases safety requirements in the use of equipment. Any exceptions must be with the approval of the department chairperson.

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