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Course Number Course Title
SON 140 Gynecological Sonography
SON 220 SON Clinical Ed III
SON 221 SON Clinical Ed IV
SON 225 Case Studies
SON 241 Obstetrical Sonography I
SON 242 Obstetrical Sonography II
SON 250 Vascular Sonography
SON 289 Sonographic Topics
SPA 111 Elementary Spanish I
SPA 112 Elementary Spanish II
SPA 120 Spanish for the Workplace
SPA 211 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 212 Intermediate Spanish II
SAB 110 Substance Abuse Overview
SAB 140 Pharmacology
SAB 210 Substance Abuse Counseling
SUR 110 Introduction to Surgical Technology
SUR 111 Periop Patient Care
SUR 122 Surgical Procedures I
SUR 123 SUR Clinical Practice I
SUR 134 Surgical Procedures II
SUR 135 SUR Clinical Practice II
SUR 137 Prof Success Prep
SUR 210 Adv SUR Clinical Practice
SUR 211 Adv Theoretical Concepts
SUR 212 SUR Clinical Supplement
SRV 110 Surveying I
SRV 111 Surveying II
SRV 210 Surveying III
SRV 220 Surveying Law
SRV 230 Subdivision Planning
SRV 240 Topographic/Site Surveying
SRV 250 Advanced Surveying
SST 110 Intro to Sustainability
SST 120 Energy Use Analysis
SST 130 Modeling Renewable Energy
SST 130AB Modeling Renewable Energy
SST 130BB Modeling Renewable Energy
SST 140 Green Building Concepts
SST 210 Issues in Sustainability
MTH 110 Fundamentals of Massage
MTH 110AB Fundamentals of Massage
MTH 110BB Fundamentals of Massage
MTH 120 Therapeutic Massage Applications
MTH 120AB Therapeutic Massage Applications
MTH 120BB Therapeutic Massage Applications
MTH 121 Clinical Supplement I
MTH 125 Ethics of Massage
MTH 130 Therapeutic Massage Mgmt
MTH 210 Advanced Skills of Massage
MTH 220 Outcome-Based Massage
MTH 220AB Outcome-Based Massage
MTH 220BB Outcome-Based Massage
MTH 221 Clinical Supplement II
TRN 110 Intro to Transport Technology
TRN 120 Basic Transp Electricity
TRN 120A Basic Transp Electrical Lab
TRN 130 Intro to Sustainable Transp
TRN 140 Transp Climate Control
TRN 140A Transp Climate Control Lab
TRN 145 Advanced Transp Electronics
VET 110 Animal Breeds and Husbandry
VET 120 Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
VET 121 Veterinary Medical Terminology
VET 123 Veterinary Parasitology
VET 125 Veterinary Diseases I
VET 126 Veterinary Diseases II
VET 131 Veterinary Lab Techniques I
VET 133 Veterinary Clinical Practices I
VET 137 Veterinary Office Practices
VET 211 Veterinary Lab Techniques II
VET 212 Veterinary Lab Techniques III
VET 213 Veterinary Clinical Practice II
VET 214 Veterinary Clinical Practice III
VET 215 Veterinary Pharmacology
VET 217 Large Animal Clinical Practice
VET 237 Animal Nutrition
WEB 110 Internet/Web Fundamentals
WEB 111 Intro to Web Graphics
WEB 115 Web Markup and Scripting
WEB 120 Introduction to Internet Multimedia
WEB 125 Mobile Web Design
WEB 141 Mobile Interface Design
WEB 151 Mobile Application Dev I
WEB 182 PHP Programming
WEB 186 XML Technology
WEB 210 Web Design
WEB 213 Internet Mkt & Analytics
WEB 214 Social Media
WEB 215 Adv Markup and Scripting
WEB 225 Content Management System
WEB 250 Database Driven Websites
WEB 251 Mobile Application Dev II
WEB 289 Internet Technologies Project
WLD 110 Cutting Processes
WLD 112 Basic Welding Processes
WLD 113 Soldering and Brazing
WLD 115 SMAW (Stick) Plate
WLD 116 SMAW (Stick) Plate/Pipe
WLD 122 GMAW (MIG) Plate/Pipe
WLD 131 GTAW (TIG) Plate
WLD 132 GTAW (TIG) Plate/Pipe
WLD 141 Symbols and Specifications
WLD 151 Fabrication I
WLD 212 Inert Gas Welding
WLD 215 SMAW (Stick) Pipe
WLD 231 GTAW (TIG) Pipe
WLD 251 Fabrication II
WLD 261 Certification Practices
WLD 262 Inspection and Testing
WBL 111 Work-Based Learning I
WBL 112 Work-Based Learning II
WBL 122 Work-Based Learning II
WBL 212 Work-Based Learning IV
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