Social/Emotional/Behavioral Development

This course covers the emotional/social development of children and the causes, expressions, prevention and management of challenging behaviors in all children. Emphasis is placed on caregiver/family/child relationships, positive emotional/social environments, developmental concerns, risk factors, and intervention strategies. Upon completion, students should be able to identify factors influencing emotional/social development, utilizing screening measures, and designing positive behavioral supports.

  • Prerequisite: Take one set: Set 1: ENG 080, RED 080, EDU 144, EDU 145 Set 2: ENG 080, RED 080, PSY 244, PSY 245 Set 3: ENG 085, EDU 144, EDU 145 Set 4: ENG 085, PSY 244, PSY 245
  • Corequisite: None
Class Hours3
Lab Hours0
Clinic Coop Or Shop Hours0
Credit Hours3