Early Child Capstone Prac

This course is designed to allow students to apply skills in a three star (minimum) or NAEYC accredited or equivalent, quality early childhood environment. Emphasis is placed on designing, implementing and evaluating developmentally appropriate activities and environments for all children; supporting/involving families; and modeling reflective and professional practices. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate developmentally appropriate plans/assessments, appropriate guidance techniques and ethical/professional behaviors as indicated by assignments and onsite faculty visits.

  • Prerequisite: Take one set: Set 1: EDU-119, EDU-144, EDU-145, EDU-146, and EDU-151 Set 2: EDU-119, PSY-244, PSY-245, EDU-146, and EDU-151 Set 3: EDU-119, PSY-245, EDU-144, EDU-146, and EDU-151 Set 4: EDU-119, PSY-244, EDU-145, EDU-146, and EDU-151
  • Corequisite: DRE-098
Class Hours4
Lab Hours9
Clinic Coop Or Shop Hours0
Credit Hours4