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Culinary Skills II Lab

Subject ID Classroom Hours Lab Hours Clinic Coop Or Shop Hours Credit Hours
CUL 240A 0 3 0 1

CUL 110, CUL 110A and CUL 140


CUL 240


This course provides a laboratory experience for furthering students’ knowledge of the fundamental concepts, skills, and techniques involved in basic cookery. Emphasis is placed on practical applications of meat identification/fabrication; butchery and cooking techniques/methods; appropriate vegetable/starch accompaniments; compound sauces; plate presentation; breakfast cookery; and food preparation. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate a basic proficiency in the preparation of entrées and accompaniments.

Credit by examination is not available for this course because of the nature of the course and in some cases safety requirements in the use of equipment. Any exceptions must be with the approval of the department chairperson.

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