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Course Number Course Title
PHY 121 Applied Physics I
PHY 125 Health Sciences Physics
PHY 131 Physics - Mechanics
PHY 151 College Physics I
PHY 152 College Physics II
PHY 251 General Physics I
PHY 252 General Physics II
PLA 110 Introduction to Plastics
PLA 120 Injection Molding
POL 110 Introduction to Political Science
POL 120 American Government
262 Hand Wrought Metals
PSY 118 Interpersonal Psychology
PSY 150 General Psychology
PSY 215 Positive Psychology
PSY 231 Forensic Psychology
PSY 237 Social Psychology
PSY 239 Psychology of Personality
PSY 241 Developmental Psychology
PSY 243 Child Psychology
PSY 246 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 259 Human Sexuality
PSY 271 Sports Psychology
PSY 275 Health Psychology
PSY 281 Abnormal Psychology
RAD 110 Radiography Intro & Patient Care
RAD 111 RAD Procedures I
RAD 112 RAD Procedures II
RAD 121 Radiographic Imaging I
RAD 122 Radiographic Imaging II
RAD 131 Radiographic Physics I
RAD 151 RAD Clinical Education I
RAD 161 RAD Clinical Education II
RAD 171 RAD Clinical Education III
RAD 182 RAD Clinical Elective
RAD 211 RAD Procedures III
RAD 231 Radiographic Physics II
RAD 241 Radiobiology/Protection
RAD 245 Image Analysis
RAD 251 RAD Clinical Education IV
RAD 261 RAD Clinical Education V
RAD 271 Radiography Capstone
RED 080 Introduction to College Reading
RED 090 Improved College Reading
REL 110 World Religions
REL 111 Eastern Religions
REL 112 Western Religions
REL 211 Intro to Old Testament
REL 212 Intro to New Testament
SGD 168 Mobile SG Programming I
SGD 268 Mobile SG Programming II
SWK 110 Introduction to Social Work
SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 213 Sociology of the Family
SOC 215 Group Processes
SOC 220 Social Problems
SOC 225 Social Diversity
SOC 232 Social Context of Aging
SOC 234 Sociology of Gender
SOC 240 Social Psychology
SOC 244 Sociology of Death & Dying
SOC 254 Rural and Urban Sociology
SPA 110 Introduction to Spanish
SPA 111 Elementary Spanish I
SPA 112 Elementary Spanish II
SPA 120 Spanish for the Workplace
SPA 141 Culture and Civilization
SPA 181 Spanish Lab I
SPA 182 Spanish Lab II
SPA 211 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 212 Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 221 Spanish Conversation
SAB 110 Substance Abuse Overview
SAB 140 Pharmacology
SAB 210 Substance Abuse Counseling
SUR 110 Introduction to Surgical Technology
SUR 111 Periop Patient Care
SUR 122 Surgical Procedures I
SUR 123 SUR Clinical Practice I
SUR 134 Surgical Procedures II
SUR 135 SUR Clinical Practice II
SUR 137 Prof Success Prep
SUR 210 Adv SUR Clinical Practice
SUR 211 Adv Theoretical Concepts
SUR 212 SUR Clinical Supplement
SRV 110 Surveying I
SRV 111 Surveying II
SRV 210 Surveying III
SRV 220 Surveying Law
SRV 230 Subdivision Planning
SRV 240 Topographic/Site Surveying
SRV 250 Advanced Surveying
SRV 260 Field & Office Practices
SST 110 Intro to Sustainability
SST 120 Energy Use Analysis
SST 130 Modeling Renewable Energy
SST 130AB Modeling Renewable Energy
SST 130BB Modeling Renewable Energy
SST 140 Green Building Concepts
SST 210 Issues in Sustainability
MTH 110 Fundamentals of Massage
MTH 110AB Fundamentals of Massage
MTH 110BB Fundamentals of Massage
MTH 120 Therapeutic Massage Applications
MTH 120AB Therapeutic Massage Applications
MTH 120BB Therapeutic Massage Applications
MTH 121 Clinical Supplement I
MTH 125 Ethics of Massage
MTH 210 Advanced Skills of Massage
MTH 220 Outcome-Based Massage
MTH 220AB Outcome-Based Massage
MTH 220BB Outcome-Based Massage
MTH 221 Clinical Supplement II
TRN 110 Intro to Transport Technology
TRN 120 Basic Transp Electricity
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