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Course Number Course Title
SEC 110 Security Concepts
SEC 150 Secure Communications
SEC 160 Security Admin I
SEC 210 Intrusion Detection
SEC 220 Defense-In-Depth
SEC 289 Security Capstone Project
SEC 293S Security Capstone Project
SEC 293S Selected Topics in Information Security
ATR 112 Introduction to Automation
ATR 212 Industrial Robots
JOU 216 Writing for Mass Media
LAR 210 Principles of Landscape Architecture
LAR 230 Principles of Exterior Planting
LAR 242 Planning and Environment
MAC 111 Machining Technology I
MAC 111AB Machining Technology I
MAC 111BB Machining Technology I
MAC 112 Machining Technology II
MAC 114 Intro to Metrology
MAC 121 Introduction to CNC
MAC 122 CNC Turning
MAC 124 CNC Milling
MAC 151 Machining Calculations
MAC 152 Advanced Machining Calculations
MAC 222 Advanced CNC Turning
MAC 224 Advanced CNC Milling
MAC 226 CNC EDM Machining
MAC 228 Advanced CNC Processes
MAC 229 CNC Programming
MAC 231 CAM: CNC Turning
MAC 232 CAM: CNC Milling
MAC 234 Adv Multi-Axis Machining
MAC 241 Jigs and Fixtures I
MAC 245 Mold Construction I
MAC 247 Production Tooling
MNT 110 Intro to Maint Procedures
MNT 111 Maintenance Practices
MNT 120 Industrial Wiring Methods
MNT 240 Industrial Equip Troubleshoot
MKT 120 Principles of Marketing
MKT 121 Retailing
MKT 122 Visual Merchandising
MKT 123 Fundamentals of Selling
MKT 220 Advertising and Sales Promotion
MKT 221 Consumer Behavior
MKT 224 International Marketing
MKT 225 Marketing Research
MKT 227 Marketing Applications
MKT 229 Special Events Production
MAT 110 Mathematical Measurement
MAT 115 Mathematical Models
MAT 121 Algebra/Trigonometry I
MAT 122 Algebra/Trigonometry II
MAT 140 Survey of Mathematics
MAT 151 Statistics I
MAT 151A Statistics I Lab
MAT 161 College Algebra
MAT 161A College Algebra Lab
MAT 167 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 171 Precalculus Algebra
MAT 171A Precalculus Algebra Lab
MAT 172 Precalculus Trigonometry
MAT 172A Precalculus Trigonometry Lab
MAT 175 Precalculus
MAT 271 Calculus I
MAT 272 Calculus II
MAT 273 Calculus III
MAT 280 Linear Algebra
MAT 285 Differential Equations
MEC 110 Introduction to CAD/CAM
MEC 111 Machine Processes I
MEC 145 Mfg Materials I
MEC 155 Env Benign Manufacturing
MEC 161 Manufacturing Processes I
MEC 180 Engineering Materials
MEC 181 Introduction to CIM
MEC 231 Computer-Aided Manufacturing I
MEC 232 Computer-Aided Manufacturing II
MEC 260 Fundamentals of Machine Design
MED 110 Orientation to Medical Assisting
MED 118 Medical Law and Ethics
MED 120 Survey of Medical Terminology
MED 121 Medical Terminology I
MED 122 Medical Terminology II
MED 130 Admin Office Procedures I
MED 131 Admin Office Procedures II
MED 138 Infection/Hazard Control
MED 140 Exam Room Procedures I
MED 150 Laboratory Procedures I
MED 240 Exam Room Procedures II
MED 260 MED Clinical Externship
MED 262 Clinical Perspectives
MED 264 Med Assisting Overview
MED 270 Symptomatology
MED 272 Drug Therapy
MED 274 Diet Therapy/Nutrition
MED 276 Patient Education
MLT 110 Introduction to MLT
MLT 111 Urinalysis & Body Fluids
MLT 120 Hematology/Hemostasis
MLT 126 Immunology and Serology
MLT 127 Transfusion Medicine
MLT 130 Clinical Chemistry
MLT 140 Introduction to Microbiology
MLT 215 Professional Issues
MLT 240 Special Clinical Microbiology
MLT 252 MLT Practicum I (Phlebotomy)
MLT 254 MLT Practicum I (Blood Bank)
MLT 255 MLT Practicum I (Microbiology)
MLT 261 MLT Practicum II (Donor Therapy)
MLT 265 MLT Practicum II (Hematology)
MLT 275 MLT Practicum III (Clinical Chemistry)
SON 110 Introduction to Sonography
SON 111 Sonographic Physics
SON 120 SON Clinical Ed I
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